Step 1

First scan or tap your AFFIX product on your NFC supported device

Step 2

You will see a registration link at your device where you can register and create your own profile.

Step 3

Provide a username and password and confirm it for your account registration

Step 4

Now upload your photo which will be your profile photo and provide your information and tap Next.

Step 5

Now if you want to add images to your profile you can add up to 2 images which will show on your profile. If you don't want to add any images simply tap Next.

Step 6

Add your social media profiles as you like. For phone numbers kindly add numbers with country code. After you done, tap Next.

Step 7

You can add websites if you want. Then tap Next.

Step 8

You can add pdf files. Then tap Finish.

Step 9

You are ready to connect with people smartly.