Terms & Conditions

Ordering Process:

1. When placing an order, the customer is required to provide either a design or request a design from AFFIX, which we will create at no additional cost.

2. If the customer wants multiple links added to their card, they must create a profile and provide us with their profile URL. For individual link, the customer must provide the exact link.

3. We are not responsible for any issues that may arise regarding any third party websites linked with your card.

4. On the card by default there will be AFFIX’s logo printed. For reference you can see our templates posted. If any customer wants to remove it, they will need to discuss with us regarding this before placing order.

Refunds and Cancellations:

1. Once an order is confirmed with a 50% payment, the payment is non-refundable in any case.

2. Any design changes must be made before the order is confirmed, as we are unable to make any changes once the orders have been sent for printing.

Delivery Time:

1. Customers will be informed of the expected delivery time when confirming the order. Delivery time may vary depending on the number of orders we receive.


1. AFFIX takes full responsibility for our customers’ products while they are with us. However, we are not responsible for any damage that occurs during the delivery process.

2. If any customer provides his/her own design ( logo, QR etc.) and those comes out faulty (QR not working, Low resolution logo etc.) after printing, AFFIX will not take any responsibility regarding this.

3. Affix will have all the rights to use the video and photos of order cards for marketing purposes. The customer should acknowledge the team after he/she will confirm the design.